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AI power: from clinical trials to global commercialization

Drive Clinical Trial Success

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Confidently incorporate AI-powered patient identification into clinical trials to identify eligible patients and speed enrollment.
Our custom AI modules identify eligible patients at research sites and notify the research team and principal investigator (PI) about potentially eligible trial patients across the entire hub and spoke network. This enables easy communication between clinical teams, research teams, and the core lab to facilitate trial enrollment.
Clinical trial sites using Viz.ai have increased enrollment speed by over 200% in their clinical trials.

Expand Your Footprint

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Our automated care pathways identify patients with the target disease and ensure the relevant clinician is alerted and involved in the patient’s care. The AI alerts and care pathways are consistent with evidence-based medical guidelines and HHS/CMS clinical quality measures.
Sites with Viz.ai have seen an increase in patients receiving the appropriate therapy, a reduction in time to diagnosis and treatment, and an improvement in patient outcomes.
Viz.ai creates meaningful collaborations aimed to enhance drug development and care delivery pathways using AI-powered technology. Partner with Viz.ai to transform healthcare together.

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