PE Solution

AI-powered pulmonary embolism care coordination on the proven platform

Demo of the Viz PE app

Realities of pulmonary embolism care today

Detecting and coordinating the care of pulmonary embolism disease is challenging. This is especially true across large catchment areas with limited resources that rely on manual triage.

Synchronize care decisions with AI-powered care coordination

Viz PE uses AI-powered alerts to promote collaboration among multispecialty practitioners to establish urgency, develop treatment plans, and deliver efficient care to patients.

Customizable interface

Customize your workflow and activate members of your team based on acuity of disease

Hyperfast imaging

Review patient scans with the hyperfast 3D mobile image viewer

A screenshot of the app demonstrating HIPAA-compliant messagingA screenshot of the application's patient information screenA screenshot of the app demonstrating 3D image viewerA screenshot of the app demonstrating customizable workflows

Relevant clinical information

Examine relevant patient pathology with the built-in clinical information card and automated RV/LV ratio calculation*

HIPAA-compliant communication

Communicate securely and plan for an intervention with the built-in chat in the platform

Automated RV/LV Ratio

The AI-powered RV/LV ratio provides a more comprehensive view of patient status. Early detection of RV strain reduces the chance of adverse events while increasing rates of treatment for eligible patients.

Benefits of implementing AI into your PE workflow

Get patients the lifesaving care that they need more efficiently with Viz PE

Illustration of doctor receiving alers on his mobile device

Synchronize and accelerate treatment decisions across specialties

Seamlessly communicate and coordinate across PE response team members - and instantly visualize patient imaging and status from across the healthcare network.

Illustration of an operating table

Access to life-saving treatment

Segment patients based on the acuity of disease, facilitate the administration of anticoagulants, and activate the surgical team when appropriate.

An illustration of a doctor reviewing a scan of a lung on a computer

Cloud-native technology

Transfer data seamlessly through the secure, cloud-native platform. Over-the-air software updates are convenient for hospital IT teams, requiring little-to-no IT hours.

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